Another Day Of Cold CLT spotting | 2/15/20 @KCLT

Holã again

Another Saturday, another day of spotting at the Queen City. This time I went up to the hourly parking deck to catch what I hoped would be 36R departures but no, I got 18L arrivals. I normally don’t go to this spot because of the light poles obstructing the view and it cost a few bucks but I gave it a shot. All I wanted was to catch Lufty then move to the overlook to get some panning action going which turned out quite nicely. It got pretty darn cold and there was some wind chill which made it even worse but it was all worth it.

AA CRJ9 ramp shot

The deck offers very close views of the dumpy looking terminal E with all those CRJs that clog our traffic up. If the runway action is silent, then ramp shots can sometimes turn out pretty nice.

Aircraft Info

  • Airline: AA
  • Aircraft: CRJ9
  • Reg: N566NN
  • Age: 4.9yrs
  • Route: KSYR-KCLT

AA A319 Arrival

Departures on 18L suck so arrivals were the only thing I could get. Managed to evade the light poles and capture this beauty greasing the landing in some light crosswinds.

Aircraft Info

  • Airline: AA
  • Aircraft: A319
  • Reg: N701UW
  • Age: 21.7yrs 👨‍🦳
  • Route: MBPV-KCLT

Lufthansa A359

Heat distortion really messed up the landing pic so I resorted to a simple ramp pic (not the best either but it’s a Lufty A359). D-AIXD (Bönn) is nicknamed after what I believe is Beethoven’s birthplace. Still waiting to see a pic of LH428 on the other side @Moritz

Aircraft Info

  • Airline: Lufthansa
  • Aircraft: A359
  • Reg: D-AIXD
  • Age: 2.5yrs
  • Route: EDDM-KCLT

AA A332

The only other commercial heavy aircraft that we get on a daily basis… After arriving from Frankfurt, this one taxis towards 18L on the short hop to PHL where it would then go to Dublin. Just a matter of time before we get stuff joining our A330s and A350.

Aircraft Info

AA A321

Here we have another airbus leaving a nice trail of tire smoke. A CRJ taxis to terminal E landing a few minutes earlier. At this moment, things were starting to die down a bit so I decided to make a move to the overlook towards 18C.

Aicraft Info

  • Airline: AA
  • Aircraft: A321
  • Reg: N519UW
  • Age: 11yrs
  • Route: KLGA-KCLT

AA E145

Once I made my move, I decided I was gonna practice panning since that was what I wanted to get better at the most. Got a decent one with a 145 departing 18C. What bugs me about this is how the tires look like they are gonna collapse or something. They are so low…

Aircraft Info

  • Airline: AA
  • Aircraft: E145
  • Reg: N609DP
  • Age: 21.6 yrs 👴
  • Route: KCLT-KAVP


Used normal settings on this one with some nice sunshine and lighting. I would of thought there would be more mainline aircraft at 5pm but I guess most of them went to 18L or were going to depart at like 6:30-7:00

Aircraft Info

  • Airline: AA
  • Aircraft: CRJ9
  • Reg: N553NN
  • Age: 5.4yrs
  • Route: KCLT-KALB

DL B712

Beautiful 712 departing in the sunset here. Miss the dogs coming in but hopefully A220s start coming to town. I’ve see 989AT the past 3 times I’ve come to spot which is kinda interesting as DL has loads of 712s.

Aircraft Info

  • Airline: DL
  • Aircraft: B712
  • Reg: N989AT
  • Age: 18.4yrs
  • Route: KCLT-KDTW

AA A319

This is probably the best pan I’ve taken so far in my small pile of pan shots. Sunset departure with the skyline in the back blurred out. This was a nice way to end the session as this is what I ultimately wanted out of my pans.

Aircraft Info

  • Airline: AA
  • Aircraft: A319
  • Reg: N703UW
  • Age: 21.4 yrs 👴
  • Route: KCLT-KMEM

Extra Information

  • Camera: Canon T6i
  • Lens: 40-250mm
  • Locations: CLT hourly parking deck, CLT airport overlook
  • Weather: 43F ish Winds E~6mph

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See y’all in the next one


Great shots! Keep it up!

I really love these. Nice shots!

Me: I want to see a Delta 717.
CRJ’s: Allow is to introduce ourselves.

Same here, would be good to see that.

I’ll miss them to, that’s why I’ve gotta get on a 717 now, and quick! I just don’t like the A220, don’t hurt me.

Im going to do what’s called a pro gamer move, youre not the only one quoting photos, @MrMrMan. This one has to be my favorite, it’s just awesome with that lighting and the angle.

And as for the others, they’re great! The Delta 717 is awesome, as well as the Lufthansa A350. All in all, great photos! I saved some to my device, I’ll PM you if I use them in any way.

And yes it is a little chilly here.

Thank you

@Butter_Boi you don’t need to PM me, just credit me. Quote all u want lol

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Nice Shots! 👍

Have you submitted these to JP? These are amazing!!!

I’m quite sluggish on that and don’t upload too much. I’ve probably only uploaded like 5 in total and they’ve all been rejected for 1 or 2 reasons. One of these weekends I’m gonna make a big push and throw all the JP worthy stuff I got at them. Got a pretty good idea of what they like from spotters so it shouldn’t be hard to get them in.

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Great shots! I always love seeing the Charlotte to Philly A330 because the flight is only an hour!

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