Another day at KNUC.

Another busy day.


I like that then it is difficult to control

Advance ATC Dylan😀

Yeah, makes it more challenging.

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What a beautiful airport


I wonder why?? It’s not like you made it awesome or anything. ;)

I think he makes it

Yeah man Sean was the one to make it great.

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This is the complete opposite

There was no one, yes no one!!! At KNUC in playground once

My face: 😱


Today was actually better. Every pilot out there followed directions. No one disobeyed. 👍


wow congrats to being a captain @fetty wap
I wonder if ATC says it as, "Charlie,Echo,…,…

I think i was flying when you were controlling. you were great atc recruiters, check him out :)

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Ground control at that place is a nightmare. I was controlling it a few days ago and it frustrating how impatient pilots get waiting to taxi. There’s only one way of getting in and out of parking and none wants to wait

they always cut through the grass, and i always report those people.

Or an advanced controller would normally ghost those people who taxi and takeoff from grass:) but KNUC doesn’t get quite that busy on advanced unless it’s an event or something.