Another day another problem

So I decided to go to L.A from New York but then halfway through it says “Your account is being used. Throttle now be cut.” And now i’’m angry because all of that 6 hours of flying for nothing. Somebody please tell what happened

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Read down, " I am receiving an error saying that my account is being used on another device "

BTW not everything is lost. XP is a rolling count. It adds up as you go. you got the 6 hours worth of XP.

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Hello @Icey!
One account used on two devices, solo or not = one will have the throttle cut.
Thanks :)

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The only problem is that no other device I have has Infinite flight…

Literally read the thread i linked. Should help you get a better understanding.

Presuming your flight is set up correctly, you could do a forced landing cause by engine failure and probably a successful landing.

That’s because for every mile up you glide for 23 miles


And the aircrafts pressurized system runs in 1,300-1,600 Pounds per square inch. Thrust reverser opens fast and closes slowly

I’m not sure how that’s relevant.

To slow down the aircraft. If it would be added to the simulator as a functional operating system if you over shoot the landing I’ve the runway.

In case of emergency like the fuel jettising system at the wingtips in mostly lowering the weight because takeoff weight is much higher than maximum landing weight.

Not sure how any of that is relevant. The first reply has a link to a post which explains why that message occurs if you do not have a second device.

Suggest next time to make sure you have a strong connection before your flight.

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