Another Day Another Migraine

Here I go to Chicago since I don’t know what to do in Training server since it’s almost a week I Got stuck there so why not do a Flight to Chicago from Philly in a Classic AA Livery in the 738

Flight Time: 1:37
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800 (American Airlines Old)
Server: Training

Taken Off from Philadelphia

Climbing passing Nearby Harrisburg

Reached FL370

And Now Absolute Silence…

Passing Cleveland

Meanwhile in Lake Erie Near Detroit

Diving into Horrid Turbulence

Foggy Approach (not really)

Nailed the Landing without saying Butter and say hello to the Lufthansa A340


I did that same exact flight yesterday! Nice photos too!


More great edits keep it up

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Hey!! Those are really amazing shots!! Keep it up! I liked the sixth one.

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@N801VP Thanks for my editing skills
@Sharan.Somayaji The sixth one is cool to and shows detroit much farther too
@Devin_Stock Cool! hope you also had a nice flight too


Also I might go further with the editing but IDK if it’s too bright and overedit even tho the overedit is kinda easy for me

  • Cebu-Manila (Cebu A321)
  • Bangkok-Moscow Domodedovo (Thai A340)
  • Kuching-Kuala Lumper (Malayasian 737-800)

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(Pole test)

Do RPVI-RPLL there’s nice scenery and a back-taxi

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