Another connection with this user?

Display Name: EtihadVA CEO MAV-IPP
Callsign: EYV001 (B789 / Grade 4 / Expert)
Location: Somewhere over Greenland (Eastbound)

Hi, I am 6 hours into a 14 hour flight and when I checked my device 5 min ago, it was giving an error that :

“There is already an active connection associated with this user” (or something along those lines, don’t remember the exact message)

My query is that how can that be possible if I fly on Only 1 device ever since I bought IF. I have not shared my login with anyone and have never played on a friend’s device etc. either.

Is there any way to reconnect my flight to the live server before it throws me out? My flight would be wasted.

Currently the live server has been disconnected for approx. 6 minutes and when I click the red icon it says “user disconnected”.

Amaar Viqar

(I have already tried the restart Wi-Fi method, did not work.)


The cause if this (if not the obvious one as described in the message) is that our servers are losing connection to your device multiple times over a shorter time period. This can be cause by a number of things, but when we’ve looked cases like this before… it’s always been the same. We see the connecting timing out between our servers and the user several times until the server eventually can’t keep track of whether it’s a new session or the current one.

Understandable, but I have a very stable internet connection and have never faced this issue before.

If I correctly interpret your message, does that mean there is no way to come back onto the server without restarting IF?

There’s a first for everything :)

It doesn’t has to be your connection directly, as there’s a lot of nodes between your device and us. But… in most of the cases the cause is unstable WiFi.

Unfortunately there’s not much that can be done once this happens though, so your best option is to set down somewhere and respawn.

Hi, this happens to me alias I think with many but stay calm he comes back alone. But my advice find a nearby airport land, close and restart your system and fly again. I do this and it’s okay. If it’s something more serious then look for a moderator and ask for help. This has happened a lot today.

Agreed. Thank you for the quick response Mr. Schyllberg.

Quick question, will I it make a difference on the XP earned if I land or end the flight directly?

Am I still getting XP while not connected to the server (I assume not, that would be pointless).

It won’t make a difference, no. But you will earn the XP you’ve gathered up until you got disconnected.

You’re getting normal. If it lands it will count your point if you fall look the time it counts but the landing point is lost. I do not like to risk if this strange I look for an airport and landing. He counts the point and leaves and comes back.
If I’m wrong someone help my friend.

Thank you for the advice @demetrius_Souza :)

@schyllberg I ended the flight mid-air. Some XP is better than no XP I guess. Thanks for your help. Always a pleasure talking with you.

This may be closed now.

– Amaar


Needing help we’re together.
I’ll see you in the sky, good flight.

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