Another C-208 Delivery - Sound Air to NZ

With a week off from work, I’m doing another Caravan delivery. I just left Wichita on the first leg of the delivery to Sound Air’s base in Picton, New Zealand. Attached is the route which will be flown. Come on up and say HI. Callsign in Sound Air 72.

Looking forward to seeing all the great scenery updates IF has done down in the South Pacific.


Spent the night in Ketchikan after around 10 hours flying from Wichita. Day two should put me in Russia or Japan.

Departure from KICT

Flying over Yellowstone Park

Calling it a day. On final to PAKT at sunset


This is such a cool idea for a flight! Definitely something I would try in the future.

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Four legs today. Time for some Wodka in Petro.

Thanks Dan for the escort out of Ketchikan.

Kodiak Island

Dutch Harbor

Finally Petropavlosk


Nope! Sounds Air is a NZ airline.


How do you sleep since the flights are so short? Do you just leave the plane at an airport overnight? Or is this leg done in separate flights? Or all in one?


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All the flights are done throughout the day and the airplane is parked overnight. Since this is on the Expert Server, I don’t even want to chance sleep and then run out of fuel, spiraling down racking up those violations. ;-)

Ohh, good. I was thinking you would sleep for two hours then land XD

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Looks to be a foggy start the last day of the trip.

On the ramp at AYBK (Buka, Papua New Guinea)


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Finally, after 56.5 hours, Sounds Air’s new 208 is at their base in Picton.

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We need fly together real soon!

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