Another bug spotted on China Southern 77F

I searched for a topic reporting this one, but not found. The characters on the right fuselage should be written in reverse order, which is 空航方南国中:


Now when I say “another”, there is “one” bug first, which is the character “中” being cut in halves on the left wing. Some one had reported it over a year ago, I’d like to mention it again in case you forget:

It’s been nearly a year and a half since the 77F open beta release. Many livery errors were said to be “documented”, some of them got a fix right away, while others seems to be forgotten and abandoned. Some of you may say it’s not a “showstopper” and therefore is not a top priority for the staff, so here I have 2 questions:

  1. Regarding to the issue I report today, I’m curious about what the artist are referencing when they create a livery. I can only think of a situation where this bug would occur, in which the artist used only one reference picture showing the left fuselage, and just copied the assets onto the right side. Maybe they should use more reference pictures so that issues like “flipping” and “missing” won’t happen in the first place?

  2. Regarding to the second issue reported over a year ago, I wonder what kind of a livery error can’t be resolved in nearly 500 days? I believe 500 days is enough to redone this livery completely, even if you only got a few minutes per day on this “non-showstopper” project. The same applies to other livery errors that are left untouched till today, which you can find many if you search “livery” in the #support category.

In hope of this issue be fixed soon, I would like to hear a proper response regarding my two questions as well.

Before anyone saying I’m disrespecting staff’s work, no I’m not. I appreciate the 777 rework, but only gratitude cannot make this sim improve.


If there’s no response it’s fine, as long as my message is heard. I wish someone can eventually take the task to eliminate those long backlogged issues. 🙂

As a matter of fact, this has been reported internally already. Thanks for the detailed report! And, obviously, I can’t answer the second part of this

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