Another bug, long-haul flights not allowed


I have only been able to update the ipad mini 2 for ios 12.1.1. I don’t know whether this would make a huge difference or not.

I have launched a flight on causal from Toronto to Stansted now, which is at least 6 hours.

I have not reinstalled the app, just cleared all the running apps from the background and cleared scenery cache in IF’s settings. I have around 1-1.5 GB free storage space as well.
My current graphics settings are: everything on medium, live airplane count medium, AA off, frame limiter on, automatic low power mode enabled. Brightness reduced all the way down, connected to WiFi only and the ipad is also on charger.
I will get back to you at least free hours from now.


Ok, so I have clocked over 6 hours straight. I haven’t deleted and reinstalled IF, just done the System Update, rebooted, removed all apps from background, cleared cache and done a flight. Should I mention that I have done it DIRECT, not with any particular flight plan? So far all the routes where I was able to go way beyond 3 hours had no flight plans, just a direct flight to the destination.

@IconicUndead230 have you had a proper flight plan when you did OMDB-YMML?


Hey guys so just completed a 7h flight Stansted - Toronto following a flight plan.

Nothing really special changed had all graphics and plane count etc on medium. Only difference was I was flying on the casual server. Will try again on training or expert later.

Thanks for all your assistance.