Another Bug in the IF Simulator

Hello community, I don’t know if what I say and show in the video is a bug. I was flying from Guarulhos - Santos Dumont (SBGR - SBRJ) Airbus A319-100 from Latam (TAM 3296). I made a change in the weather and noticed that the whole aircraft turned a little white. I don’t understand why this happened, so if it’s a bug, I hope it gets fixed soon. Greetings!

My Smartphone System:

Modelo: Motorola Moto G9 Power
Android Version: 11

IF Version: 22.2

LINK ON VÍDEO: Color bug when activating weather in IF simulator - YouTube

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Well, this isn’t really an issue. As the sky turns more white with the presence of more clouds, objects that are naturally lit will be a lighter shade of whatever colour they are as more white light is being shined on it.

I personally don’t see an issue with this, nor do I think this is an issue.


Ah yes friend, thanks for clarifying my question. But it’s like I said, I don’t know if it’s a bug in the simulator, but if it is, I’d expect it to be resolved soon. Greetings

its not an issue its just the infinite flight team did a real good job at this natural occurrence and that was stated above. no this is not an issue. ;)

edit: i just watch the vid, no issues what so ever, this is nature doing its job. if you go to an airport irl you will see that this normal.

Well if you can go to the point and just say :

It’s the lighting reflection related to the sky conditions when overcast or cavok

Dude just trying to help. Chill out.

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