Another broken window on SWA

A southwest flight that took off from Chicago bound for Newark had to make an emergency landing due to a broken window. This is now the companies second incident involving the window on a 737. Nobody was hurt in this incident As it could have gone much worse. What do you think happened? Credits:


Three SWA accidents this year…
…And I’m flying them in July.
@Daniel14 Thank you VERY much for giving me nightmares till I fly them.
NOT joking either


They are still a very safe and reliable airline so don’t worry


Don’t worry about the nightmares thing I was joking.
Still… Three accidents…

Ouh jeez. Not another…
Luckily no one was injured


I personally think that In the coming months we will see some new FAA Regultions for Aircraft Maintenance. Mr. Trump was with Southwest Flight 1380 crew and passengers this week and I think he may take some action to better our nations aviation infrastructure. That could only be good for America as then more planes are being brought, more jobs are being created, etc.

We will have to wait and see though


Yeah considering this one was so close to the other incident there needs to be new regulations before something catastrophic happens.


Guys/Gals, lets not forget, flying is by leaps and bounds the safest way to travel. I mean, we have pilots like @DeerCrusher to guide us around in the skies and keep us safe.

Everyone is getting all hyped because aviation. I’d fly any carrier in the US, no questions asked.


Idk but I think it was maybe a bird

Not accidents🙄 Incidents there’s a difference


Well. This is unfortunate, however this is still a good airline to fly, in ways with saftey and reputation, so there isn’t really any need to worry

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Oh come on… last thing i would want to hear.


They already order more frequent engine checks yesterday, so safe bet.


Just because an airline has an incident does not mean that I’m going to rule that airline out and not fly them. Yes we all have our opinions on various both major and budget airlines, but these series of events are likely to happen. Its fact. You can have the best maintenance division in an airline and still have issues with normal operations.

Its not surprising that there is yet another incident with Southwest given they are the largest 737 operator in the world with over 700 something aircraft in their fleet. Aging fleet and multiple flights per day all have some role in contributing factors.

Will I fly on Southwest again given the recent events with this flight and FLT 1380 a few weeks ago? Absolutely and without a doubt.

Why? Because I know the high level of skill and training that it takes to be an airline pilot in general. Southwest pilots are probably some of the top pilots that we have in the airline industry today due to the fact that a high percentage of them are former military or have some sort of jet background. In fact most airlines have a decent percentage of former military pilots in the airliners that you ride in today.

These incidents should not scare or make anyone intimidated to fly but rather respect the fact that injuries and fatalities in these recent events are slim to none. Have trust in the pilots as they have prepared for years and thousands of hours for all sorts of emergencies, abnormalities and anything else that falls in-between.


Also 3 over an enormous denominator.

I said this on the last one, but there will be three car accidents before I can finish typing this sentence but no one says a word about them.


I mean lets not forget there are multiple pans that make up the window itself. Highly unlikely all cracked but rather just one of them.

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Let’s be honest here… This wouldn’t have been in the news if the other incident didn’t just happen a week ago. Many incidents happen every day yet unless it’s major, we never hear about it.


Wait was was the third?

I still think this would have made its way into the news. Not as a major headline or anything though. A plane window breaking is kinda a big deal. That’s not something that happens very often. Also because there designed to not do what happened in this case.

P.S. Happy Birthday🎊🎉🎁

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This is bad luck for them…

Last month they had their engine explode, now their window is broken…again. Too bad… I still love SWA even though I never flown in one :).