Another Brave Controller: Stevenwalker109-IFATC

I pause here to fully appreciate how much the IFATC have tried to accommodate me by attending my events (two out of three they have made the noticeable effort to help out with). Today was my “Together As a Community” event and @stevenwalker109 took on the surely heavy burden of controlling 20+ aircraft on the ground and in the air. My hat goes off to this absolutely awe inspiring guy! Accompanying him on approach at KPIA was @JoshFly8 who is no stranger to anyone :) and my personal favorite approach controller. On the tower and ground at KPIA was one called Solocup. @g100m also attended. So a huge shoutout to the IFATC community but especially to Stevenwalker109 who has helped me back since I first joined the forum
Steven…thank you so much for helping us out! To anyone else who went to the event I think we can all attest to this! What an amazing controller



This guy Solocup I’m not sure how to tag him but thank you man!!

@stevenwalker109 @JoshFly8 @Solocup @g100m 👍👍


@Solocup that’s the name of the boss at tower and ground :) thanks mate cheers! 🍻

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thanks for traffic, guys! See you again!


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