Another Beautiful Flight

Today I did another cool flight. And again, I simulated a real flight!


Route: SCEL - KMIA
Flight Time: 7:09
Aircraft: B789
Server: Training

Departing from Santiago de Chile, over the beautiful country of Chile
i know you don’t see anything

Cruising past Chile as the sun rises

Approaching KMIA

And finally a ultra buttery landing at Miami International

I hope you guys enjoyed!!!


Nice Beautiful pictures @Marcel001

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Great shots mate!

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Thank you very much! Appreciate it!

Thanks! Did I get a good angle? It was my first time using the Free cam

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Great landing shot! Thanks for sharing

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Thanks! I’m doing it because I want to reach level 3

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Same, all I need is xp to become level 3

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I need 20.000 more…

I need 28,000 more

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