Another BA A380 Diversion

Remember this?

It seems like yet another BA A380, flight 286, was diverted to Boston this early morning, this time from San Francisco. It could be another medical diversion. If someone knows, please post below. I’m thinking this might be a crew change because what are the chances that two diversions in two days from the west coast come to Boston due to a medical emergency, that’s just not possible.

Here’s the flight:

It has already left Boston on its way London.


According to Twitter it was a medical emergency


Hope no one are hurt again :’(
2 Jumbojets diversion from BAW to BOS

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It’s back on the way to again and nothing heard about the actual ill person - I would assume and hope they’re alright.
If anything it’s good early practice for the A380 service next year!
BA268 now BA286 both diverted to BOS, seems like a pattern is occurring!


Diversion due to medical emergency (heart attack).

I hope the passenger is ok.

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