Another APU Question

When do I have to switch the APU on again after landing? At the gate or when leaving the runway?

APU should be switched on before entering the stand so that you have electrical power after shutting down engines. :)


After exiting the runway, you’re good to get the APU up & running (:


Just after landing while you taxi to the gate

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Also start the APU when at the Gate to start the Engines

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Ok thanks for the help!

So that means you only need to have the APU on for take off and taxiing?

You need the APU for:

When starting your flight, to have the electrical power on board and starting the engines.
When Engines are running they take over the electrical power and you can turn off the APU.

After Landing you also have to switch on the APU so your airplane doesn’t go directly into COld and Dark when Engines are shut down.


APU can come off once the engines are running after startup


but APU should be on when you shut down the engines at the gate otherwise your going to loose all displays and electrical power

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