Another April Fools Day PSA: How to Make a Good Joke

Another April Fools PSA: How to Make a Good Joke

Well, another year, another day where everyone makes terrible I’m Leaving IF “Jokes.” Well random person who may or may not be reading this thread, let me tell you the truth, they’re not funny. Honestly, they are old and as I said in an older thread about something like this. With April Fools day around the corner, we must all learn how to make a good joke.

So person who is reading this topic, how do you make a good April Fools Day joke or prank? It’s quite simple really, ORIGINALITY. Being original in your jokes could spell the difference between getting someone or getting laughed at. Another beneficial idea is to try something unconventional or that someone has not done before, as doing something nobody has seen yet will take them by surprise. Thirdly, don’t spam the IFC with shoddily made forums that will just annoy everyone. This is easily common sense, and will just get you suspended.

What are some other good ways to make an original April Fools joke? Another idea is to put detail into your joke. Plan it out and get a good start on it, but don’t put an overly large amount of detail in. You want to make it seem believable at first, and then deliver the punchline knowing all of you, most likely something to do with oatmeal or a rickroll.

Credits go to @Kirito_77

So what happens when you make a bad or shoddily made joke? Well, it only serves to confuse people and then anger them. For example, by saying that you are leaving the IFC will only serve to annoy and anger people when they are bombarded by these crappy and annoying jokes. Refer to my first April Fools PSA for these types of threads to learn more.

Now as we wrap up, remember, make something people will laugh at. Making a joke that everyone will find funny is what April Fools Day is about. I know that the IFC can be an overly serious place, but April Fools Day is a day to screw around and have fun. Always be creative with your jokes, and try out new things. Don’t just make a crappy forum that just says you are leaving the IFC with a rickroll. Nobody likes them anymore, and it will only serve for you to get warned and/or suspended. I hope you all found this informative. When the day rolls around, I hope to see some amazing jokes that will make us all laugh our butts off!


But also go have some fun!

Edit 1: yes i know its slightly early for this, but its for a reason

Edit 2: If you don’t want to make an April Fools Day joke, then don’t. Its totally an optional thing.


Thank god there’s an ad 🙏

I would love to see some april fool joke that’ll make me laugh 👀


@Mattheus, that was an amazing guide. Thanks for sharing ;)

Im leaving for 1 minutes, I’ll miss you ;)

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As the resident s***poster and joker on the forum, It’s practically my civic duty.


I’m sure we’ll be happy to facilitate account wipes if anyone wants to “leave” IF. ;)


Great tutorial mate! Very useful, looking forward to see the jokes soon (sadly). They will probably all suck. If someone makes a good joke, I’ll give them a virtual banana guaranteed.

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The mods are on population control again. Run.

Or you know, “How to make a Good April Fools Joke”: Don’t
Gets more annoying than funny every year. And I know I’m not the only one who feels this way.


that’s poetry

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I’m paying respects to April Fools Day this year by flying United :)


I’ll celebrate April Fools this year by completely ignoring it.

1st of April is the only time where there’s more trash on this forum than in my bin…


Regardless of the day, posts that do not adhere to the rules and guidelines may be flagged or deleted. The IFC is a place where people go to learn and joke topics distract from that objective. Personally, I feel that April Fools is better left for in-person pranks rather than virtual ones. Humor and sarcasm is often hard to convey online. Forum responsibly.


I agree, I almost didn’t catch that one at first.


I wasn’t making a joke but ok.


I guess that proves your point

Honestly, it gets even more annoying when people are trying to mini-mod your way to TL3. Are we not allowed to joke? Remember, this is a community that is online. Sometimes you guys just need to chill, and have some fun for once. It’s one day a year, it isn’t like people do it every day.

Just my opinion, not trying to be rude.

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Why do I never learn to not trust this community with links…sigh… 😂😂

To what significance does this topic contribute to the IFC?


lol, agreed texas :). But some younger users feel they have to share their 13 years of joke education with us…

Hopefully it’s a quiet day, also i’m sure your teachers won’t be too happy Mattheus.

" we must all learn how to make a good joke. "
I will take my learning opportunities elsewhere! Thanks tho

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I’m not even sure how to respond to this? Wow, people turned from joking to screaming at me.