Another airline that could disappear | Germania is in financial Straits


Germania was founded in 1986 as a successor to the Cologne-based airline Special Air Transport. According to its own figures, the Airline transported with the green and white Logo route every year more than four million passengers on Short – and medium -haul, within Europe, to North Africa and the Middle East. Together with the Swiss Germania flight AG and the Bulgarian Eagle Germania currently operates a fleet of 37 aircraft.

On Tuesday evening, the airline announced that it is considering several options to secure short-term liquidity needs. Due to increased costs, several airlines in Europe had gone into bankruptcy in the past year; including Small Planet and SkyWork, which also flew targets from Bremen. The Irish budget airline Ryanair had also justified the closure of its base in Bremen with increased cost pressure.

I really hope that we don’t see a lot of airlines disappear like last year. It’s just crazy to think that the aviation world has change so much in the last few years.


The future of aviation in Europe are the national companies, I hardly see any others to be capable of facing rise in operational costs.


The joke is I didn’t even know Small Planet went until I seen this post 😨


Neither did but I guess they don’t exist anymore.


What a shame, they are starting flights to my airport this summer. I hope they ll still be around by then.


RIP not another airline like Air Berlin.


Apparently they are in promising talks with investors at the moment. I hope thr airline doesn’t dissapear. 😥