Another aircraft spawned into me

Hi there team… I really hope the update went well because unfortunately the old problem of spawning into a gate where there was already an aircraft parked at is still a problem.

@aviationoli just spawned on top of me at OTHH. Embarrassing…

Maybe I might’ve caused it a bit because I saw my A321’s wing colliding with the new 3D gate so I pushed back just a little bit so I wouldn’t have the wing hit the jetbridge… but still it really shouldn’t be a problem unless the 21.6 fix has screwed up somehow.

Sorry Oli seeing that you had to respawn at a different gate!


The system isn’t 100% bulletproof unfortunately, and it can happen at rare occurrences.
But it seems like the two of you handled it professionally at least :)


Yep. I was glad that Oli saw that I was in the gate first and let me keep that gate. If it was training server that might be a bit of a different story!

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