Anonymous usernames confusion

Hello there, this is technically my first post in this forum and I am still not familiar with different topics. I apologize if I have done anything mistakenly. If there is a similar topic that I haven’t seen, I deeply apologize if that’s the case. (If this should be in support, please move it there, thank you)

I have turned off the option “Show Username In-Flight” so I could remain anonymous and have some privacy. But I encountered people that who seem to have this option also turned off but I can still see their IFC username as well as their identifier in their information (the one that includes your flight plan, etc.). I also saw people who have this option turned off, but only their identifier is present, not including their IFC username.

I thought that the people who only have their identifier are the ones that don’t have their IFC profile linked? (This is my prediction/hypothesis lol)

I am utterly confused and to anyone who could explain this, I greatly appreciate your answers :)

I am sorry if my grammar is incorrect as well as if I have done anything wrong as I rarely interact with all of you nice guys. I hope all of you have a nice day!


This is correct.

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Thank you very much BennyBoy for confirming! Have a nice day to you!

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