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forgive me if this is in the wrong category I’ve been reading a lot of old threads and I’ve noticed that there’s a lot of people with anon then a number after it like: @anon40986431 @anon48741742 @anon6566588 and some more that I haven’t tagged. Who are they? The reason I’ve noticed them is because they’ve replied to a lot of old threads, a few are now TL0, and there was on thread that was closed by one of them, meaning they were TL4 but now they’re TL0


They are deactivated accounts.

I think.


Oh, so they used to be normal accounts with normal usernames?

They are anonymized accounts. Staff may anonymize accounts for a reason or upon request.


But one used to be TL4 because he closed a thread and now he’s TL0

The thread I’m talking about is Here

One of our previous moderators stepped down from his position a little over a year ago, so that was probably him.

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Oh right, I think I have my answer now

This one?

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This is what @ewanfleming said.


Ok thanks, I did try searching before posting this but couldn’t find anything plz forgive me

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I will, I made that topic a few months ago.

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