Anon question

Hello IFC!

I have a really random question,

I’ve seen a lot of these accounts with the name Anon###### (# = some number)

Does anyone know what it is?



These are users who may have since left the community, and with it, wanted to disable their accounts, or users who may have been suspended permanently. The IFC doesn’t delete accounts for record keeping purposes, if I remember correctly, so they simply remove more or less everything that is identifiable to their account and give it a placeholder anonymous username.


Ah, I see! Thanks for that! It’s been irritating me for a little bit until I had to ask! Thank you!

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Not always, since a user can be permanently suspended without getting anoned(?)

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While some that are permanently suspended might have their profile still there for all to see, there are instances where some permanently suspended accounts are also have been changed to have an anonymous username too.

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