AnomalyWaffle's ATC Tracking Thread - PRACTICAL PASSED!

04-26-20: Finally passed my written test! Now looking forward to my practical which I will hopefully be able to complete and pass soon.



Congratulations! I hope to come by for a little bit when you open!


I will be opening later today at 2200Z @KMSP
Runways in use- DEPARTING RUNWAYS 4, 12R, 12L, 17 LANDING RUNWAYS 17, 12R, 12L

Traffic patterns encouraged and appreciated! Please comment below if you will be attending.

See you guys there.


Oh man! I’m not able to come at the moment, good luck though!

Now open at KMSP, come on by!

I Will be spawning

Why are you using runways that have a tail wind?

The wind just changed. I will update them. Thanks!

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@TylerShah That was short lived… LOL

XCub still hates me lol

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Thanks for doing those patterns!

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Didn’t know if you were doing something funky, I thought it was weird when you kept going on your left base leg… LOL


I completely missed the RWY change. That’s why lol

Hey there,
I was N428OP (the F18) overall I thought you did good with runways changes and sequencing. One thing that was not correct was the runway crossing. I requested to cross 4 (the active runway) and you cleared me to cross 22, the inactive end. Always clear the crossing on the active ends.

Otherwise, you seem to have a good handle on things, keep it up and you’ll make IFATC in no time.

Thanks for the advice regarding the runway crossings! I didn’t know that. I thought you always cleared on which end they were closest to. :)

Hey everyone! Quick update… I will be controlling at KDFW- Dallas Ft. Worth in approximately 3 hours. I have my practical test tonight so please stop by!

I passed my practical test! Thank you to everyone who came to help me practice even though this thread hasn’t been up for that long. This can now be closed! :)


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