Annual subscription cost

My subscription runs out in 2 days what will the renewal cost in Canadian dollars be? I thought it’s 79.99 now on the App Store it shows 107.99 which one will it be please help🙇‍♂️

It’s 79.99 in USD. The 107.99 is probably in CAD.

According to google it would make sense.

Ok, but I’m looking through the App Store Canada version so that means they are already converting the cost

If you are looking through the Canadian App Store I would assume it’s alresdy in CAD. So the 108 is probably what you would pay.

Now also I think it’s supposed to renew automatically but if there isn’t enough funds then it won’t get renewed

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If you didn’t disable it it would automatically renew your subscription. If there aren’t enough funds on your account then it won’t renew.

It is CAD 107.99 plus whatever taxes are applicable in your province.

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