Annual Renewal

. My problem;
My annual subscription expires on Sept 19. I want to renew. Am told To renew in App a renewal icon must appear below the expiration date on the log in/out page where your personal data appears… Less than 30 days to go, no renewal icon. (Am told renewal icon is always present for monthly renewals). Question : is the Annual renewal icon machine generated and at what point should it appear or what action must I take to renew Live for another year? Bottom line Annual Renewal Provedure pls! Thanks. Max Sends

1.) Open Infinite Flight

2.) Tap your name to view your current subscription.

3.) Tap ‘Logout’

4.) Tap “Sign in”

5.) This screen should appear. If you sign in with your account you just signed out with, your subscription will be recognized. However, if no active subscription is present you will be directed to a page that displays Monthly and Yearly subscription buttons, each telling you the features and perks.

Thanks @Rotate… Workin on it… Max Sends

@Swang007. Noted, followed procedure as you outlined. No Joy. Looks like you can’t renew until after expiration date. Will hang in there till after Sept 19.
I appreciate your extra effort on the Sean. I owe you. Warm Regards, Max Sends

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That’s what I’m thinking as well, the subscription renewal page only shows up if your account does not have an active subscription linked to it.

I think it is automatically renewed by google play. Unless you cancel it through your google account.

Thank you @Aditya_Mirashi… Think I have Apple but will check GPlay. It’s been a year and I lost my notes. I sign in via Google so that’s probly where I need to look. Every little bit helps. Appreciate you going the xtra mile. Regards, Mad Max

There isn’t any problem, you will be able to renew your subscription on September the 19th.
There is no need to log out for the renew, once your subscription expires tap on “Live” in the main menu and there will appear the two options (Live and Live+).

Source: Monthly subscriber since September last year :P

@Laurens… Thanks for the response. Have search both the App Store & GPlay plus all the responses herein. My searches met with negative effect. Your response I’m confident will answer this nagging question. Appreciate your xtra effort and time spent herein. You always “Do Good Work” Warm Regards, Max Sends

To all that took the xtra step responding herein. Many Thank You’s. Max never forgets. The kindness of strangers is always returned ten fold. Regards, Max