Annual Prop Sprint @ MMTJ - 181800ZJAN16

Server: Freeflight

Region: SoCal

Airport: *MMTJ

Time: 1800Z

NOTAM: We will be racing from Tijuana (MMTJ) - Edwards AirForceBase (KEDW) with any prop (besides the military ones like the Spitfire and P-38) . We won’t line up on the runway, we’ll line up perpendicular to the runway so everyone has space (and to make the race into a sprint). Land at KEDW Runway 35.

Anyone joining? Feel free to either PM me or just reply on the topic.

Props Allowed;

Super Decathlon
Cirrus SR22
Cessna 172
Cessna 208

@JFKPlaneSpotter101 hmmm… sounds good. the SR22 has a huge advantage over the others…

I know😈😈😈😏😏😏

Only A/P flying is allowed (unless you feel like flying manually)

So we can basically do as we please, but you strongly recommend AP?

Yes. If you know how to handle it well without stalling :)