Annual Live Subscription Renewal

Have looked in App for a Restore/Renew capability for my annual Live subscription which runs out in Sept. I did not locate the option. AppStore referred me back to FDS. Your guidance please. Max Sends

I always thought you just payed for it again, that’s what I do with my monthly subscription which I’ve had on and off since October.

@Rotate … Thanks, Followed yr guidance… Term “Upgrade” not displayed. Sub expires in September. Possible option is time sensitive and will not appear until closer to exp date? Max


@Rotate … Correct, the Term “Upgrade” is not displayed. Max

I think it is most likely that it is time sensitive, and in this case it is over 1 month to expiration date. When we subscribe for 1 month we always see it because time to expiration is always < 1mnth.

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@Rotate @SkyHawk … Thanks for the sage responses! I’ve been chasing my tail for a week trying to get a handle on the renew. I’m about to go north for the Hunting Season opener in the Catskills. I’ll be out of the loop for a great part of Sept/Oct so your guidance was very helpful. Warm Regards to you both, Max

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