Annoyng Game Issues

I recently bought Infinite Flight pro for my iPad after one year of playing the standard version, and i’m having a great experience, but some serious issues occurred since the first day (Note: the reason can probably be my iPad’s age, It’s almost six, but I want to write it anyways to share with you the problems I had, so comment down this topic if they happened to you, too ;-D).

1): Airport Loading Issues → I was doing a flight between London Heathrow and Frankfurt in a casual server. The flight was going beautifully, until i reached the final approach fase. Minute after minute, the airport (of Frankfurt) continued to not appear on the ground, even when I was literally over it. Because of this, I had to quit the session. Same thing happened on another flight, Florence - Paris CDG (These two routes are the only two full flights that I did with Pro). It’s a very annoying issue, you can immagine why…

2): Settings Cancellation → Every time, when I restart the app after a crash (of the app, not a plane crash), the language, the pilot voice and the in-flight status bar configuration return to the standard preset. And every time I have to reset it like before. In the past, this didn’t use to happen. Again, this is a very annoying thing.

I want to repeat it, it’s probably because of the old iPad, but comment down below your opinions and experiences about this. See you in the next topic, bye!


Issue 1: I need to know first, what precise iPad type and generation do you own and what are all your graphics settings set to (a simple screenshot of the graphics settings page will do)

Issue 2: The settings and the status bar should only reset if you delete and reinstall the app. Simply restarting the app shouldn’t do this.


Thank’s for the very quick answer!

I use a 5th generation iPad 2017. I can’t send you a screenshot ate the moment, so i’ll write the graphics settings here:

  • Rendering Quality: High
  • 3D Object Density: High
  • Rendering Resolution: High
  • Texture Quality: High
  • Anti - Alising: Off
  • Frame Rate Limit: 30fps

Another thing tough is that the tablet is completely out of space…

I would turn those all down to Medium, perhaps even Low - a 5 year old device cannot handle all high settings.

Bingo! This is the main cause of the airport loading problem - with your tablet out of space the app can’t render any more scenery properly…

Thank you very much! I’ll try to free some space in my iPad and to low my graphics settings. Thank you again. See you! Bye bye!

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See ya around!

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