Annoying UI bug in replay mode

Ever since I started playing Infinite Flight…there has always been this incredibly annoying UI bug that happens inconsistently. Whenever I’m watching a replay or skipping to some parts in a replay, the UI will completely disappear and I cannot do anything to get it to reappear, other than restarting the app or exiting the replay. It’s so annoying and I can’t believe it’s been in the game for so long now. Anyone else have had this little bug?

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Are you talking about how the instruments in the cockpit go blank?

There are UI options on the bottom which can show you nothing at all, a minimised UI, or a full UI. To my knowledge, you can cycle through these options, and I have yet to experience an issue like this. If you are continuing to experience these issues I think it’s best that you make a post in #support.

What you’re encountering might be not a bug, but a feature. There is a thing in the replay mode where, if you hold your finger for a few seconds, the UI will disappear. When it happens next time, try holding your finger in place for a few seconds and see if the UI appears. Might take a couple of tries to master it.
UPD: forgot to mention, but if you’re on IOS instead of holding your fonger you can just swipe from top right and it usually works perfectly once you exit the pause menu. If you’re on android it may vary or not work at all, but during the making of fan-trailers I’m pretty sure it worked at least 90% of the time


No not that…at the bottom where you can skip, pause or play…time etc…not the on game UI…the replay UI

Are you holding your finger on the screen? Because if you hold your finger on the screen for 3 seconds, the UI disappears


yes the others are right, this is not a bug, but a replay feature. if you tap and hold for 3 seconds, the replay ui will disappear, and to get it back, simply tap and hold for 3 seconds again

Didn’t know that was a feature. Thanks for that as I had similar issues in the past as the op

I personally can confirm this is a feature. You must have accidentally left your finger on the replay bar for a few secs until the replay bar disappears. Its not a bug!!

Really? Been playing for years and I’ve never heard of that in feature in any patch notes, update notes, beta features, in game options, I’ve never ever heard of that feature…time to start broadcasting it, no?

It’s covered in the user guide, see button number 11:

Press and hold screen for 3 seconds to hide bar. Press and hold again to show bar

Can confirm, this is a feature. It’s quite useful for screenshotters to make sure your shot angle/zoom etc looks right, and for screen-recording your replay as well, without all the clutter of the UI.

the UI disappears when u hold down your finger on the screen for a while, you may have done that accidentally, to make it reappear just hold down your finger on the screen again

im actually surprised this wasnt common knowledge, i though there was a loading menu hint or something that talked about it

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