Annoying training server ATC

ATC who won’t stop spamming when you’re below 18k feet about contacting them on the training server, how do I deal with them?

There’s not really much that you can do about ATC on the training server since they are not regulated and held to a certain “standard”. For the best experience with ATC, I’d suggest working up to the expert server and flying on there with IFATC service.


It’s the training server. You just have to deal with it unfortunately

Answer them?

Put your volume at 0 and ignore.

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Unfortunately there is no way to deal with it unless you turn down your volume lol…I once got spammed on approach to KFLL.

Good idea but a way to step this up is going into settings and turning “ATC Volume” to zero

This way, you still get aircraft sounds 🙂

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