Annoying things on IF live playground

Recently I was controlling London Heathrow then I moved to burningham I I noticed something vetybannoying it is the little box in the top left corner which tell you which airports that have active ATC…anyway the reason why it is annoying is because people who decide to control on airport start it up the as soon as it is loaded the quit so all I could see threw out my controlling was e.g egll tower closed,egll tower open,egll tower closed …its so annoying so if you’re going to to do ATC at least do it for quite some time

That’s TS1/2 for you, unfortunately. Perhaps enquire about Advanced ATC if you’re looking for more realistic controller interaction, or simply fly on the expert server.

Unfortunately this is how the Training Server works. For a more professional flying experience try out the Expert Server or apply for IFATC.

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