Annoying thing

So I got so many acrobatic violations from flying a F22 in mountains Small little airports that nobody fighting Flys to. I didn’t know that I was going to use violations because I was flying pretty slow in getting the stall warning. The stall warning blocks acrobatic violation so you don’t know that you’re getting it until it completely quits your flight and you get two violations. Is there anyway IF can fix this as it is very annoying.

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Feel free to make a topic in #features to stack the warnings.

Which server were you on?

Its is strongly recommend that these stunts or flying any fighter in the casual server!

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Training bc I’m trying trying to make a movie. And trolls to to come and mess it up. So I went on truant bc Ik that I can do formations and other invs on expert

There could be a possibility that you are flying too close to a big controlled airport, even on training server sometimes this happened. Idk

Well I mean it’s literally the tiny uncontrolled airports on the mountains and valleys that I get the violations for. I don’t even know why they count as know one goes there

If you’re making a movie that involves stunts, just do it on casual so you can go worry-free. If you’re near any airport, regardless the size, you’re getting a violation.


Solo mode always works too ;)

But it’s with other people

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