Annoying Forum Problem

When ever i log back on to the forum this happensimage

You are probably trying to view a topic that has been removed

How you access your internet? What’s your connection speed? Is this happen to any page in the forum?

This is an iPad thing. I use iPhone and it works fine. The iPad has older iOS and does not cache properly via Safari


That is a different notice

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No im not, ive been havimg this problem for a few months

How often does this occur? I have gotten this message ever since I joined but it only happens when I have bad cellular connection or if the servers are down.

Try on your mobile device (If you have on).

I don’t know, I never had issue with iPad browsing the site.

It occurs evertime im on this page. Anywhere on it. Even when i try to sign in.

I have IOS 9.1

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My internet is fine. Its been like this everyday its not me its the devs
I tested it everthing is good.

What did you use to test the internet connection?
How do you know that your wifi is working correctly?

I have the same thing and it really annoys me so I go on my phone.

I get this on a 9.1 IPad when I quit safari and reopen it on a page. I just go back to the main page through the logo.

Because it does it every day 24/7 everytime i try to get on.

@philippe knows

@Logan_Whisman this is gonna need a discourse/IOS fix I’m afraid. It won’t be simple.

@matt @philippe or @rgba8 can you help with this

I’ve had this momentary problem using Android OS and release version Chrome browser, just reload the page … Refresh. So, whatever it is it’s not an ios problem or an android problem or a browser problem. Once you eliminate the variables you’ll have a picture something like … Lots of people logging on and off editing and liking … Traffic