Annoying bug

While on approach into KIAD and just turned off APPR and was hand flying until my game crashed! I just wasted 1:30 flying and my game just crashes when on approach. This bug needs to be fixed. My iPad is on the latest software and so is infinite flight.

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Did you reboot your ipad before the flight?

What is your 3D object density and what iPad do you have?

iPad Air 3 Gen and 3D object density is high.

No I didn’t

I have the same iPad. I’ve set mine to medium and it works awesome! I’ve had no crashes since I’ve switched it. I also recommend turning your airplane count to low also as that helps prevent crashing also. Hope this helps!

Will it reduce my graphics?

It’ll just not spawn as many objects on the ground such as cars.

Also make sure you restart your iPad before spawning.

One hour and 30 mins is not bad. Once I got kicked on final after an 18 hour flight lol

I just took off out of EGLL and I just crashed, I restarted my iPad and turned object density to medium. It’s so frustrating! What can I do?

Try to restart your app before flight. Or you can restart your device too! If you have this issues We are highly recommend not using high graphics. Lower Graphics settings will help you. You can clear your scenery cache. Last option is Reinstall your app. Your replay’s will gone When you reinstall app

How old is your iPad? And were you on an online server, or Solo?

Same problem with me I also play on ipad

You guys read this?

Best suggestions would be to crank down ur graphics settings. It would make a difference and try to find which setting suits ur device i found mine and nvr encounter crashes since.

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