Annoying ATC

Today at about 01:30 Z to about 02:30 Z at the end of my flight, I filed a flight plan from KNOT to the northwest most VOR to the southeast most VOR to KNUC as my destination. The flight was about an hour, so all the ATC that I would run into would know where I coming from and where I was going.

But I was wrong.

Annoying ATC #1: KBSP Approach

I was flying towards KBSP Approach told me to contact them, so I did. I requested an altitude change to clear to upcoming mountains. I got cleared to go to FL 180. Then I get told to turn to heading 260, over 100 degrees of my flight plan. Seeing no aircraft is sight, as soon as I left the airspace, I changed frequency. I have no picture of the log for this ATC.

Annoying ATC #2: KBSP Tower

After existing KBSP, I hope I was done. The picture of the log below can tell you why this ATC is probably the most annoying.

Annoying ATC #3: KNUC Tower

After a long flight of misery and woe, I approached KNUC and contacted tower. I come in and get, “[call sign], number 1, cleared to land” but at the same time, at least 3 other got cleared to land with numher 1 as the order to land. Then everyone get to check help pages regardless of if they were or were not following instructions. I was lined up on the ILS perfectly with no aircraft in front of me and I get, “Make right 360” so I did, but doing that I stalled, so I brought up the throttle to prevent me from crashing. In doing so, I gained altitude, causing me to have to do a nose dive to get back on. I hit the runway, bounced a couple times. Now realizing that I can’tell stop in time, I said I was going to to a go around, but no being able to get to the throttle, I crashed in to the ocean behind the runway, losing my XP. I took a screen shot of the log after I responded, then left. The picture of the log is below.


To all ATC: Please, before you tell someone to do something, look at there flight plan if they have one. And if someone asks for a transition, don’the tell them to land.

Expert server?

Training sever 1. This is why I want to get into Expert but can’t due to XP.

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Fly on Expert for a realistic experience. Unfortunately, this is how Training Server is. Just keep flying, and you will get Expert Server access soon.

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I am going off of Zulu time. So today at Zulu time