Annoying app crash

I was at KLAX 1 minutes ago taxiing to runway 25R in a Emirates A380. I was cleared to takeoff so i aligned with the runway and after 5 seconds of sitting there, my game crashed I dont know why. And before this happened my wheel go stuck in the ground so i had to restart. It got really annoying and then my wheel got stuck in the ground again. App crashes are happening to frequently for me and for other people.

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What device? OS version? Free space?

Ipad air 1

😀 IOS 8… free space??

IOS 8.4 i think

Please include all information that we would need to reproduce the exact situation you experienced an issue. We have repeated this many times already. Also, your topic title need to be a bit more descriptive (all crashes are annoying…).

I’ve never had crashing issues on my nexus 7 before. But today when flying on advanced server from Dusseldorf to Schiphol in Amsterdam it crashed right as I touched down.

I saw @Tyler_Shelton flying into Dusseldorf and disappear just before touchdown while I was holding short RWY 13L. Maybe he had the same issue?

Actually my device is 2 years old. It is an Ipad Air 1

What other information do i need. Well my flaps were at 26 degrees my load was 73 percent and i was in tail view mode

I would make sure that all other applications are closed including infinite flight. Then try restarting the game and if it still crashes do a hard restart.

Go through the restarting app, restarting device, install/uninstall app exersize.

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I have also problems with the crashing stuff.

Something similar has happened to me while flying. I was cruising at 20,000 feet in California and all of a sudden the game froze and sent me back to the Infinite flight home screen.

Odd crashes inevitable on any apps. Hope you guys not talking about crash because of your device either too old or heavy background apps taking the memory. Infinite-Flight not having system wide crash so you Have to start think about upgrading your Tablet/Phone. When the newer updates comes there’s more chance happening again on older less powerful devices.

@nickdubest cheers mate. Relaying too much on IPhone spell-checker.😀

I have been encountering the same issue on my iPad Pro. Most recently, I was ascending in a 747-8 shortly after takeoff with no other apps open when it simply froze. And despite the claims on the feedback & support page that say this problem is largely with old devices, my iPad Pro is the latest generation, and it gets this problem on both iOS 10 Beta and IOS 9, the latest releases of iOS!

Maybe get back iOS9.

I might, but the problem isn’t that common.

After several months without a single app crash, something similar happened to me on the advanced server . On approach to EDDL, the screen just went blank and the app crashed. Before launching the app, I make sure I clean the RAM memory as much as I can, and the only setting in high is the aircraft quality. On addition to that, there wasn’t much traffic around

Samsung galaxy tab S running Android lollipop.

The iOS 10 beta is “use at your own risk” until it’s out of beta. However I also use iPads Air1 & 2 and iPhone SE, and don’t have any crashes with everything turned up to max settings. Based on my experience, I’d be suspicious of the network being most likely the culprit. Especially with a iPad Pro or Air2.
At any rate, lots of new optimizations are being made to help with such network related crashes and such, for most likely the next update.
Might help if you also unplug your modem and wifi router now and then for a minute, turn the iPad power off, plug the modem back in first, then the wifi router, and after everything lights up to full service turn the iPad on, launch I.F. And see how it goes. It surprisingly works well more often than not. :)