Annoying A330 issue

The reworked A330 keeps just stalling out randomly, and slowing down, and it’s annoying the crap out of me, can someone please help?

Hey! What altitude does this happen at? Additionally, how quickly are you climbing (if at all) and what is your load%?

Load was 10k, and it happens at cruise or about to reach cruise.

What altitude are you at?

Speed decreases every 5 minutes randomly, and starts to shake.

I was going to cruise at FL340

What was your weight in pounds?

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Okay, what’s likely happening is you are too high and/or climbing too quickly at a high altitude for the plane’s load. The A330 is very sluggish at higher altitudes, and above FL300 you shouldn’t climb much faster than 500 ft/min. FL300 is a good altitude to start at if you’re heavy and then you can step climb throughout the flight. Let me know if this helps at all!


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Resolved. Choose appropriate altitudes and speeds for your given aircraft load to ensure you’re not stalling in cruise. Choose lower altitudes if needed