Annoyed and upset

Hey guys,
Is anyone else experiencing the same parking issue ?
When you’re parking the other player on the other device should see this gate as unavailable when you’re slowing rolling in.

Plus that person at Zurich should see me but it doesn’t seem to.
So annoying 😕😑



I completely understand your frustration. Definitely annoying when an aircraft spawns when you’re turning into a gate.

To answer your question, a likely scenario that’s happened is that they clicked spawn before you entered the gate. They don’t come online until they hit the calibrate button when they first enter. There can be quite a few seconds between those moments as it takes time for the simulator to load.

For your other question, when the pilot first spawns in, they are in HUD view, this means that they can only see what’s in front of them, so they may not even notice that a plane is coming from behind unless they change the camera angle.


This happens to me as well, took this at Aspen yesterday. CRJ in an E-jet in a 737. Expert server, so I don’t know why 737s and E-jets were spawning in lol. Sorry about the UI.


I was there too yesterday. Didn’t see that though. 2 737’s and a e-jet? Odd. Quite funny though that 3 different people managed to spawn on each other


Ahh I get it now.
Is there any fix about it in the future ?

Oh so I guess it’s a common issue ?

I think it’s just a case of bad luck (oof). It’s happened to me too but not very often (maybe that’s because I don’t always fly to the big hubs with ATC, I just fly where I want even if it’s Unicom)

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Could some sort of warning be implemented for spawning aircraft in the future?
I understand the current timing is probably to prevent ATC sending a message before the user can receive it.

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