Announcing the Countdown for the FlightSim Ninja Beta!

Hello Infinite Flight Community!

My name is Ethan, the Founder and Chief Executive Ninja of FlightSim Ninja, a free online service in the works for Flightsimmers everywhere of all kinds. FlightSim Ninja is a work in progress service that allows Flight Sim Pilots using major Flight Simulation platforms such as X-plane 11, DCS, and most importantly for you guys, Infinite Flight to sign up, connect with other pilots and then fly with a Wingman or Copilot, all while keeping a record of your connections and Flights booked through FlightSim Ninja. Many more features are to come in the future, so stay tuned on our Twitter (@FlightSimNinja) for updates. We are not yet live, but will be allowing pilots to sign up for our open beta, starting June 1st. Please find our website below with a countdown to the beta sign up opening:

FlightSim Ninja is completely free and commitment free, and is meant to be a tool to bring Flight Sim Pilots together.

Happy flying!

Looks interesting. How does it work?

Yeah, that’s what I’m wondering. It looks really cool though!

*Starts whistling countdown theme.

Sounds cool! I can’t wait to see what features this will bring!

Hello Infinite Flight Community!

We are glad to announce that FlightSim Ninja is finally live in an open beta! We are opening a queue which you can sign up to be given membership of the site as you reach the top of a queue. We will invite people in groups every day during this open beta.

If you look at the FAQ section of the site you can learn more about our website and services. Our open beta is first-come, first-served, so the quicker you join the more time you will have to enjoy our public beta!

Come check FlightSim Ninja out:

We look forwards to seeing you!

The FlightSim Ninja Team

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