"Announcing Runway Change" Message for ATC

I was ATC’ing a little while back at KJFK. At first I was using 04R for landings, 04L for takeoff. After about 40minutes, the winds changed so I wanted to swich to 13L and for landings and 13R for takeoffs. Since there is no message to “announce runway changes” I think it would be extremely helpful to include this, especially on advanced servers where it would help the ATC’s be able to change runways easier and quicker, since the pilots would know where to go after being sent this message, and just having to take a quick peek at the map.


We don’t really do runway changes (unless the winds get really bad) because it is too complicated to resequnce and send them to app another runway

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I usually just let the existing arrival traffic flow in before I change the runway direction

And yes, this should be a good feature… To counter those stubborn people who like to taxi to the opposite direction runway when the flow is obviously clear