Announcing Redwings global routes

Redwings has announced it’s new global routes! I hope you like these routes, I have been working on them for quite a while!


You can check out a more detailed guide here:

The site will be updated later today!

##EGLL - Main hub
EGLL-LFPG (Regional)
EGLL-EHAM (Regional)
EGLL-EIDW (Regional)
EGLL-EDDF (Regional)
EGLL-LIML (Regional)
EGLL-LEMD (Regional)
EGLL-EDDM (Regional)
EGLL-LIRF (Regional)
EGLL-LEBL (Regional)
EGLL-EKCH (Regional)
EGLL-EBBR (Regional)
EGLL-ESSA (Regional)
EGLL-LPPR (Regional)
EGLL-EICK (Regional)
EGLL-LTBA (Short haul)
EGLL-UUDD (Short haul)
EGLL-UUEE (Short haul)
EGLL-LGZA (Short haul)
EGLL-LGIR (Short haul)
EGLL-LXGB (Short haul)
EGLL-LPMA (Short haul)
EGLL-OMDB (Long haul)
EGLL-VNKT (Long haul)
EGLL-PANC (Long haul)
EGLL-KSAN (Long haul)
EGLL-RJAA (Long haul)
EGLL-WSSS (Long haul)
EGLL-WSSS-YSSY (Long haul)
EGLL-TNCM (Long haul)
EGLL-DNMM (Long haul)
EGLL-KBOS (Long haul)
EGLL-WIII (Long haul)
EGLL-YPPH (Long haul)
EGLL-MHTG (Long haul)
EGLL-KLAX (Long haul)
EGLL-KJFK (Long haul)
EGLL-SBGR (Long haul)
EGLL-ZBAA (Long haul)
EGLL-KEWR (Long haul)
EGLL-KATL (Long haul)
EGLL-KORD (Long haul)
EGLL-DNAA (Long haul)
EGLL-ZBAA (Long haul)
EGLL-RJTT (Long haul)
EGLL-RKSI (Long haul)
EGLL-VIDP (Long haul)
EGLL-SKBO (Long haul)
EGLL-SBSP (Long haul)
EGLL-SBGL (Long haul)
EGLL-SBBR (Long haul)
EGLL-SCEL (Long haul)
EGLL-SPJC (Long haul)
EGLL-HKJK (Long haul)
EGLL-FACT (Long haul)
EGLL-HECA (Long haul)
EGLL-FAOR (Long haul)
EGLL-CYYZ (Long haul)
EGLL-CYVR (Long haul)
EGLL-CYUL (Long haul)
EGLL-CYYC (Long haul)
EGLL-CYEG (Long haul)
EGLL-CYWG (Long haul)
EGLL-CYQT (Long haul)
EGLL-SVMI (Long haul)
EGLL-SABE (Long haul)
EGLL-SEQM (Long haul)
EGLL-SKRG (Long haul)
EGLL-TJSJ (Long haul)
EGLL-MDPC (Long haul)
EGLL-MUHA (Long haul)
EGLL-MKJS (Long haul)
EGLL-MYNN (Long haul)
EGLL-TBPB (Long haul)
EGLL-WSSS-NZAA (Long haul)

##WSSS - Sub hub
WSSS-WMBT (Regional)
WSSS-WIII (Regional)
WSSS-VQPR (Regional)
WSSS-WMKK (Regional)
WSSS-VNKT (Short haul)
WSSS-ZBAA (Long haul)
WSSS-RKSI (Long haul)
WSSS-VIDP (Long haul)
WSSS-RJAA (Long haul)
WSSS-NZAA (Long haul)
WSSS-RJTT (Long haul)

##KSAN - Sub hub
KSAN-KLAX (Regional)
KSAN-KDFW (Regional)
KSAN-KDEN (Regional)
KSAN-KSFO (Regional)
KSAN-KLAS (Regional)
KSAN-KPHX (Regional)
KSAN-KIAH (Short haul)
KSAN-KJFK (Short haul)
KSAN-KMSP (Short haul)
KSAN-KATL (Short haul)
KSAN-KMIA (Short haul)
KSAN-KORD (Short haul)
KSAN-KEWR (Short haul)
KSAN-OMDB (Long haul)
KSAN-DNMM (Long haul)

##DNMM - Sub hub
DNMM-DNAA (Regional)
DNMM-HECA (Short haul)
DNMM-FAOR (Short haul)
DNMM-GMMN (Short haul)
DNMM-DAAG (Short haul)
DNMM-HKJK (Short haul)
DNMM-DTTA (Short haul)
DNMM-FALE (Short haul)
DNMM-GMMX (Short haul)

I hope you enjoy flying these routes, and enjoy flying for Redwings!


No Routes to WMKK?

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Added for you! :D

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I have added the route list for you! :)

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Nice, looks like you put alot of effort into this :)

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Thanks, glad you like this!

Added some more Caribbean routes. :)

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No in france?? There are Nice/Paris orly/Lyon or in switerland* Geneva/Zurich ;)

Ok you got SVMI I’ll apply

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I like the EGLL-SCEL one…

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Seen it, and invited! Thanks for joining!

Awesome work!

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Thanks! Glad you like it. :)

Don’t forget Hong Kong ;)

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🇶🇦Doha (DOH) to (ARN) arlanda🇸🇪 Don’t forget @Giacomo_Lawrance

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Can’t believe I forgot it!

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I’ll look into it ;)

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Sad you don’t have an KMCO and EGLL route one of my favorite international routes.

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Will consider it. May be added at a later date. :)

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I’m happy to announce Redwings Caribbean!

Thanks to @Cas_ual for the great logo!

Redwings Caribbean operates these routes in a C208:


Redwings Caribbean is gearing Redwings up for Global; passengers fly to the Caribbean from EGLL on a long haul flight, and then get ferried around the island by the fleet of C208’s.

Passengers can also be ferried to the airport for our long haul flight to Heathrow.

I hope you enjoy flying for Redwings Caribbean!

Please note that Redwings Caribbean is not a separate airline.