Announcing PanelNinja!

The team at FlightSim Ninja is proud to announce it’s first Infinite Flight companion app, PanelNinja!

PanelNinja allows you to take your Infinite Flight experience to the next level! PanelNinja is a live flight instrument display tool that allows you to use live animated cockpit instruments with Infinite Flight. PanelNinja comes free with a set of six general aviation instruments that can be used with any aircraft. Furthermore, PanelNinja lets you build your own instruments with custom graphics and logic as well as define your own panel layouts using any instruments.

Currently in its preview stage, the team at FlightSim Ninja is working to ensure a seamless experience for all PanelNinja users, with a final release version coming in the near future. At the moment, PanelNinja is being released for Windows and MacOS. We are looking for preview release testers, so if you’d be interested in getting the first looks at PanelNinja and helping the team at FlightSim Ninja, please sign up using the following form:

To see more about us and our work, please visit the FlightSim Ninja website and check periodically for more updates!

A screenshot of PanelNinja once initialised


Wow! This sounds awesome! I’ll go fill the form out!

this looks similar to the one made by John Goering


This looks really cool and once it’s released I will be sure and give it a try! One question, what OS does this run on?

Where can we find that one?

Just go search In-Flight Assistant on the App Store, then click on developer and you’ll see the fairly similar app

How do we try it out on windows

Thanks. His apps appear to be for iPad/iOS. This is for Mac OS and Win 10 specifically – not for use on mobile devices. So perhaps conceptually similar but different platform.

There’s a link to a Google form in the post if you want to offer to preview test the app.

I have filled the form

OP says WIndows and MacOS.

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When is the non-beta version supposed to be available?

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