Announcing my retirement from IF

Hello all,

This isn’t going to be extended anymore than it needs to be, however due to external factors I unfortunately have taken the decision to announce my retirement from Infinite Flight.

I started all the way back in 2017 pre global times and I have served multiple VAs in multiple positions ranging from Pilot to Vice President. I’m very happy that I have served those VAs and I’m very happy that I’ve made infinite flight content for you for the past 5 years and beyond

I just want to thank the following for making my time here the best time :

And most importantly the whole of the IFC

I love all of you. Take care and for probably the last time. Thank You For Reading and Fly High ✈️


Bye bye. Wishing you the best! You are always welcome to come back at any time :)

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All the best, @J2S

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Cue the water salute. Happy retirement captain!


You’ll be back. We all come back 🛫


I can’t guarantee but I might come back 😉

Thank you 😊

aight cya


Until next time. - @FlyEurope


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