Announcing inbound today at KLAX

I just finished a flight on the expert server from Honolulu - Los Angeles. Everything went smoothly until I announced my landing at 28nm away from the airport. The controller was IFATC-Diamond Gaming. He/she was controlling tower and ground. Once I announced inbound I was told to check the forums? Not sure why I was told this. I would just like to learn if I made a mistake because I have no clue what I did wrong.


You only say “Inbound on the ILS” when you have been vectored for an ILS approach and cleared by a radar controller and then handed over to the tower controller.

  • This is the same for a visual and GPS approach whereas you would say “Inbound on the visual”, “Inbound on the GPS”, etc.

Otherwise, you would usually just say the normal “Inbound for landing”, if you haven’t been vectored by a radar controller and you’ll be given a pattern entry.


Thank you 😊 I will do that from now on.

Btw the only frequencies open were tower and ground so I tuned in to tower first

That wouldn’t be possible cause only tower was open no radar frequencies

When tuning into tower without approach, you were not vectored for an ILS/GPS/visual approach, so you should not be announcing inbound for any of those unless cleared for that approach. You should announce inbound without and approach information as you will be given a pattern entry by the tower controller.

Edit: I moved this to live from support as there is no issue with the app that you’re having.

Edit 2: please don’t link the point of order thread for my knowledge. I’m aware, but I did not read Lukes message. Sorry Luke for rephrasing what you said.


Thank you sir

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If you wish to learn from the controller, please contact @DiamondGaming4

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So the only time I should announce my specific runway and gps/ils while saying inbound is only when I have been cleared that approach by a radar frequency beforehand?


It’s okay I got my answer here :)

Yes that’s correct :)

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Thanks :))

“Inbound on the ILS” means that you have already intercepted the localizer and are on the glideslope. As mentioned above, you would also announce that after cleared for the approach by a radar controller.

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All it means means your inbound on the approach you’ve been cleared for by radar. Doesn’t mean that you’ve intercepted localizer or glide slope.

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