Announcing IFO Labs- an IFOC Project

Firstly, before you start, IFOC is Infinite Flight Olympic Committee.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s get down to the business.

Announcing IFO Labs

Many of you will remember the Olympics held earlier this year. Whilst that was mostly sucessful, some of the events were a bit, to put it blatantly, crap. IFO Labs is basically going to be a testing process, a ‘beta’ if you will.

So what does it involve?

IFO Labs will be a series of events running throughout the year, before we do the 2nd olympics next year. They will be test events, run by me. Expect there to be some great events, and some bad ones. We are essentially beta testing some new ideas.

This sounds good. Can I help?

YES! Keep an eye out on the #live:events catgory. I will prefix these events with IFO Labs, so you can easily see them. Events will be held on the FF server, none of this ‘Olympic server’ messing around. You do not have had to have participated in this year’s olympics, and there’s no sign up. It is literally ‘just turn up’, but I would appreciate you saying you’re coming in the comments.

Will it be a competition?

The events will be run competitively, with a winner for each event. There will not, however, be any team leaderboard or league, it is just an event by event basis.

The first IFO Labs event will be announced sometime this week, stay tuned :)

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Note I have @Thomas_Galvin’s permission and he and other IFOC members should be helping out :)


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@IceBlue…MaxSez: The system would not permit me to give you a ❤️l. So here one just for you and your efforts:💥❤️


Wasn’t planning to, you’ll have to come to the Olympics to find out :). Hope to see you at a few.

@Maxmustang At your service :).

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It would I still be able to paticipate in the Olypmics if I do this?

Ice! The previous IFO events were excellent. That was fun. Your idea is great. I like to support.

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Yes you will.

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Would like to help out with the Olympics and participate in it if it comes at the end of the year :-)

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