Announcement to all IF users

Hello guys I wanted to make this topic to make sure what happened to me doesn’t happen to you.I was involved in the latest ghosting in expert server I went to the bathroom and left my flight unattended while I was getting vectors.Im just telling you don’t leave your flight while getting vectors.
If I don’t get it reversed I will have to stop playing IF because I dont like Casual and training.I have been playing IF for 4 years and now it comes to an end. You can always get in contact with me via discord and IFC.Good day to all

Happy landings to everyone!

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I mean… just take a week off from IF live.


If you have five ghostings, you just have to wait for your oldest ghost to roll off, check trough your logbook and see when it happened, if it’s sometime soon there is no reason to quit.


A ghosting will result in a 1 week “ban” from the Expert Server.

Go outside and have some fun for a week! You’ll be back in no time ;)


Oh I was grade 4 but i thoght i cant go on expert for a year

Moral of the story. Always bring your phone to the bathroom with you when using IF.


Ok lol I will do that

It’s not a year, it’s a year until your oldest ghosting rolls off. Check through your logbook and see when that happened, if it was like 11 months ago, just take a month off and you’ll be back on expert in no time.

I’m speaking with the person who ghosted me to get it reversed ok thanks

If you walked away while receiving vectors it won’t be reversed…

In the future you should hold at your cruising altitude or outside of controlled airspace so that you can give undivided attention with reasonable response time while being vectored. Thanks!