Announced Take off on Unicom just before Tower got Active

Just now at YSSY, I announced take off from 07 on unicom, since Tower was inactive.
When I was airborne Tower became active (Capt Bill) and stated I was in an active airspace and should have waited for clearance before taking off.
This is weird!
Can’t ATC, when becoming active, see what’s been communicated earlier?
Can’t ATC see that when an aircraft is getting airborne at the exact moment he takes control of Tower, that that specific take off was not under his control?
It seems unfair to be spoken to like that when I didn’t do anything wrong.

Can someone clear this up for me?


Hi just for yr kind information I was already an active ATC for about 2hours there,I did not just log on ATC when u took off,I saw u taking off without ATC clearance and tht is why I HV to send u tht off guard msg to notify u pls wait for clearance before taking off,I did not ghost you I guess this is server problem today,not only you many were having same problem and the server went down too,there was infact a plane shown unknown until it took off.well all said and done,I don’t think it’s your fault either,sorry for the inconvenience caused but like I HV mention this is due bad connection on advance server earlier caused some hiccups along the way.cheers.Capt bill here .


Ah, there you are! Couldn’t find you!
I just got Unicom. No tower. Weird!
Double checked it!
Thanks for explaining! 👍

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Yes no problem Jan,yup kind of weird ,I know you Jan u HV been great pilot but suddently I was thinking how come u took off without clearance but later we all came .to know the server was having some trouble earlier.

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Grateful you didn’t ghost me.
Can a ghosting be revoked when it was caused by server issues?

It can be revoked I guess by Tyler after looking at all circumtances what caused the ghosting,yes I try to minimised ghosting bcoz it can caused hassle to good pilots who dnt hv any intention to violate the rules .


See you out there soon! 👍

Cheers HV a great day.👋

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You too! 👍😎

Always double check what Unicom you’re tuned too when spawning. Many times, for whatever reason, you will actually be connected to a nearby Unicom instead of the active frequency at the airport.

Sometimes even the unicom for the current airport even though ATC is active.