Announce Pushback On Unicom

Pushback On Unicom

Something that gets very annoying, it’s when you want to push back, but someone sits behind you. They think you’re just sitting at the gate, and they don’t really know that you are about to push back. The solution to this, is the pushback command in Unicom. It should be a simple commands like “LYVA003, Pushing Back.” This would really boost realism, and it will also make sure that everyone is safe.

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I’ll list some scenarios below.

Casual Server: Okay, CS doesn’t have any ATC, as it is disabled. If you wanted to have realism in the CS, head on over the TS, it may be a bit better than the CS. When I sometimes join the CS for some fun flying, I don’t usually see people use UNICOM, or UNICOM correctly.

Training Server: Only EGLL, KLAX are always controlled. With that split second when the user disconnects, you may be transferred to UNICOM. You could just wait maybe 30 seconds, and someone else would start controlling. I barely see smaller airports with high traffic in TS.

Expert Server: ES only controls airports in the schedule. That’s why when you look at the inbound aircraft, certain airports have 100+ inbounds sometimes. Most of the time, these airports (busy ones, hubs, etc…) will always/IFATC will always try to have these controlled. As I see, there are still flights from other airports to the HUB of the day, but usually, that doesn’t mean there is a lot of traffic at the airport. Very uncommon to see a high amount of traffic in a airport that is not part of the schedule.

All in all, this isn’t a bad request, it just is not practical for the time being.

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Astreal I’m confused bruh

It would just be nice to have, it’s not exactly only for when there hella traffic. It would just be a coven isn’t feature. Additionally it would be helpful if there’s traffic on ES, for example GA day when a few people actually fly GA and 80% just go to LAX, there will he traffic but no ATC.

I think this is a great idea, nice little convenient feature.


I agree @Suhas

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I’m saying most “busy” places in TS and ES are covered by ATC. Most of the time, you don’t need pushback commands, as there would be no ground conflict. If a ATC controller saw a lot of traffic coming in on TS, bam, controller appears.

What about CS?

You might wanna fly more to non-ATC controlled places, lol. There are many moments where there’ll be conflicts with pushback at places without ATC. Big community events without ATC comes to mind.


CS… most pilots don’t use UNICOM, or use it correctly. If you were to add more realism, TS would be better for the pilot.

I agree. That’s why I have this idea

I personally think this request would be really helpful no matter the server.

Pushing back is a key part of flight, it’s what starts you flight. It’s even more crucial then the Announce Taxi. If others are nearby (like events for example), you can alert others you are pushing.

Yes, but there is something called a grade one pilot who is experienced

I think so. If you taxi, who knows where you’re gonna go

In TS, most users open by how many inbound there is. The more there is, the more likely chance someone opens an ATC facility up. I’m saying it would be rare, and I haven’t seen a large casual server event without it being a “race” or something unrealistic.

Even so, it’s better to just have consistency throughout. You start learning from casual, and then move your way up to training and expert. Personally, even if people on casual don’t use it properly, it should still be there so people who move onto the higher-level servers don’t get met with new unexpected features.

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Yes, but if someone sees a bunch of inbounds to an airport as small as West Palm Beach for example, no one’s gonna open there. It’s just not gonna happen

Thanks toaster. Guys, he is an ATC expert, you should listen to him. 😂😂😂

A bit of an exaggeration, but much appreciated!


Is it… meh

I respectfully disagree with some of your statements.

It’s a pain without the pushback on Unicom button. When we have ATC & can request pushback, why can’t we have something similar on Unicom? Is there any problem with doing so?

By adding similar (modified to fit) features in Unicom & ATC, the experience is more user-friendly. It’s annoying to have to announce taxi first rather than pushback because:

  • I don’t want to coordinate with everyone on a PM about who pushes back when.
  • It’s a realism killer (Seriously, announce taxi without pushback doesn’t sound right)
  • It’s not consistent (When I don’t have ATC coverage, then I need to remind myself that there is no announce pushback button).

Also, about casual server, it’s casual. People won’t care about the UNICOM, but those who want to use it can do so. Think about people who are Grade 1 who want to fly realistic flights, rank up, & obtain the knowledge of flying correctly.


Makes sense. I never said I was against it, thanks for the reply.

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