Announce pushback on unicom

When there is no ATC, there is no way of letting people know you are pushing back. It would be nice if this could be added sometime in the future.


Finally! Someone requested it! Thanks!!
And if able to coding that, say the gate you have set to departure like
Los Angeles Unicom, TSK1, pushback from TBIT 150 to alert other pilots near the plane to hold short.

Pilots aren’t blind.
No need of a pushback announcement on a Unicom frequency.


This is dumb… ATC is a bonus, glider pilots manage to land without incident without contact between pilots or need for ATC and having a Unicom frequency is pretty much all that is needed as long as people maintain distance and give right of way to aircraft.

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So by your logic a jumbo jet doesnt need to announce pushback at an uncontrolled airport, all because gliders can land without incident? In aviation, you dont assume other pilots can see you, you let them know where your at and what your doing. If you research a little, there have been several incident in the last 15 years where gliders have collided with other aircraft. Also, feel free to let me know where I can find a glider on infinite flight.


I would love for this to be added, good feature!


I agree with you

No you don’t need to announce because Pilots have eyes.

Also a lining up wait command added to the unicom!

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