Announce left or right downwind on which runway?

I’m intending to land at runway 02L in WSSS and I’m on right downwind. Is it incorrect if I report my position on right downwind on 02C (I’m not landing on that runway but that runway is nearer to me). Does it even matter which runway to choose as long as I report on the correct pattern?

It is incorrect. You only report downwind for the runway on which you intended to land on.

Yes it does matter. Choose the correct runway for which you are landing on…regardless of which runway is closer to you.


This does not only serve as an identifier of where you are, but also where you’re going. It tells the other pilots what behaviour to expect from you, and hence you should always report downwind / base / final for the runway you are landing on.

If you need any clarification with anything feel free to shoot me a PM 😉



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