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When to use right traffic, left traffic or straight in? Let’s say when I’m on right base runway 34R KSEA do I say right traffic or straight in? What about if I forget to announce inbound until on final do I announce inbound and say straight in?

announce inbound first then report your position as you close in. when inbound. and you have to turn right for the runway. like you said you were on right base. announce inbound will make right traffic. announce final when both the following conditions are satisfied.

  1. you are perfectly established on the localizer.
  2. you are at or less than 8nm from runway. its always good to announce final once more when you reach 3-4 nm from threshold to make sure no one is taking off then.

I subscribe to what @niks.goen said.

Sometimes, when approaching a Unicom airport, you forget to report inbound. This can happen if course.
Even when of final, I would suggest to still first report inbound, entering ‘straight in’, so others can get an idea of where you are and what your approach is. And then, after fully being established, report Final.

When you’re report inbound before you’re on Final, report left or right turns, depending on the turns (from Base or Downwind) you need to make, to turn to final.


to make it simple basically all you need to remember is whatever you are assigned (left or right) is the turns you are going to make, so basically if they say left down wind every turn towards the runway will be to the left and the other way around

  • Tune it at 15NM

  • Announce inbound at 10NM standard entry should have you at a 45° for the downwind leg. You hardly ever come straight in.

  • if approaching straight in Announce final at 5NM otherwise just report your positions. Outside of 5NM you aren’t considered to be in the pattern area.


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