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Qantas Around the Regions

Welcome everyone to the major 4th Anniversary of Qantas Virtual Infinite Flight. This year we are holding a major, around the regions event for the next few weeks!

Now these events will be posted over the next few weeks and created in the Events Category. We hope pilots and ATC can manage the time to make it to this celebration.

(We ask that the virtual airlines contact either: @QantasVirtualAirways, @Breydon_Verryt_Reid or @Skylines to inform us if you would like to take the offer)

So what is this “Qantas Around the Regions” about?

Basically, its a celebration of our 4th anniversary. We hope to involve the infinite flight virtual airlines over each region.

Our plan: Over the next few weeks we will travel the network Region - Region, inviting virtual airlines to join us along the way. We hope to invite airlines that originate and operate those areas. Example: Britain: British Virtual.

If you would like to be apart of this event as a virtual airline, please contact an executive through Private Message and ask!

Event links will be listed below, coming soon…

Week 1.

Week 2.

Week 3.

Week 4.

Week 5.



Yes !

IFAU will be happy to attend this Event !


So, I’ll combined both callsigns and make it one Quebec Foxtrot Alpha 0017 India Foxtrot Alpha Uniform 12.


Very clever idea, :)


I will come as QFAU423 maybe.


We have tried to fit all the timezones perfectly. It should be an easier time for Australia


Don’t forget guys, first event kicks off very soon: 1100Z Today

We hope to see you there!


What time would that be in Sydney?

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1100Z + 10 hours = 2100LMT (9.00pm)


Are only Qantas pilots allowed to enter? I really do like the Qantas VA and would like to celebrate as well.


No where open to the public, we have invited other Virtual Airlines to participate as well!


One more question. Is there a specific callsign I must use?

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Not really, just let it be Qantas orientated

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Do I use my IFAU callsign or QFA callsign?

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Either both is fine, just recognize Qantas in some way.

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Psst… When will you guys be coming to SinKL? :D

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Soon enough with our regular events 😉


Hey all, we would like to say thankyou to all the pilots who participated in todays event and helped us celebrate our anniversary!

I would like to send a big thankyou to IFAU & Thomas Cook for helping out on this event. But mostly everyone who flew with us today.

Now we hope to host another event next week but I cant tell you more than that. So keep an eye on this thread and the #live:events category :) We also will be inviting a different selection of Virtual Airlines, but dont forget to PM us if you still want to join in the fun (VA). It will depend on the region.

Stay safe everyone and we hope to see you next time!: Here are some shots of the event:


Me in the background. :-)

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Hi folks, its time for week 2 of our Qantas Virtual Anniversary!

This week we plan to hold an event in the Singapore & KL region, with Cessna’s and the baby at Qantas Virtual: Dash 8-Q400 Qantaslink. If you want to find out more info about the event, please visit the topic below:

Continuing on, Qantas Virtual is gladly inviting another 2 VA’s to join our event in Singapore.

If these two virtual airlines could contact either, @QantasVirtualAirways @Breydon_Verryt_Reid @David_Lockwood, or @Skylines, regarding if they wish to attent, that would be great.